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The following links are provided for your convenience and should not be considered an endorsement of the products, services or information provided or an assurance of the security provided at these sites. The County Federal Credit Union privacy policies do not apply at these sites. Please consult the privacy disclosures on each site for further information.

Harland Clarke Check Reorder
Enjoy the convenience of reordering your checks with round the clock access at the same price as a traditional order. Costs for the checks are automatically deducted from your account.

NADA Car Guide
In addition to getting new and used car prices, NADA guides also offer payment calculators, reviews, dealer inventory searches and vehicle history reports.


Get the facts on that vehicles you are looking to buy. Carfax will provide a detailed vehicle history report that will show possible hidden problems that may affect the vehicle’s safety and resale value. There is a fee for this report.

Savings Bond Value Calculator

This site not only calculates the value of a savings bond but also allow you to create an inventory of your bonds. The value of the inventory can be quickly updated at any time.

Maine Revenue Service Fast File
This site allows an individual to file a tax return and check the refund status. It also includes downloadable tax forms and publications and other useful information.

Consumer Reports
This site provides information on many consumer products.

Fisk_iNOW.jpg  FISC iNOW
FISC iNOW allows borrowers to access up to date information on student and parent loans made by FISC loan servicing clients under the Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP).

Edmunds Automotive Buyers Guide
Get new and used car prices, reviews, and information from Edmunds to make a more informed decision on your next vehicle purchase.

How to contact Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union
For consumer help or for reporting fraud.  Find the current phone numbers and addresses for all credit bureau

For remote assistance with your Online Banking

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