Board of Directors

All credit union members, regardless of the size of their accounts or the amounts they borrow, are entitled to an equal voice in the operation of their credit union. And, credit unions are governed by an unpaid, volunteer board of directors who are elected from and by the membership of the credit union.

Our current board of directors is as follows:

  • Shawn Anderson, Chairperson
  • Ellen Bemis, Vice-Chairperson
  • Calvin Deschene, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Clifford Barker, Director
  • Bill (William) Bradley, Director
  • John Burgoyne, Director
  • John Folsom, Director
  • Tamra Kilcollins, Director
  • Jason Moir, Director
  • John St. Peter, Director
  • Joy Barresi Saucier, Director
  • Ellen Simone, Director
  • Kari Wells-Puckett, Director

The County Federal Credit Union is looking for interested members to serve on the Board of Directors

To set policy; plan the credit union’s course; make sure the credit union maintains its sound financial condition; keep communication open to educate members on services; review the CEO’s progress in achieving goals and objectives; and report to the members at the annual meeting.

To express interest in serving on the Board of Directors Contact member service at