• What do I need to open an account?

A:  In order to open an account you will need a valid picture ID, your social security card and live, work or worship within our field of membership. Click here for a list of communities in our field of membership or call 1-877-318-3838 for details.

• What is The County Federal Credit Union's routing number?

Our Routing Number is 211288006.

•  How do I register for online banking?

A:   Click the Online Banking in the green box located at the top right-hand corner of this screen and the page will slide out. Click on REGISTER and follow the prompts. There is also a handy Tutorial link that will walk you through the process, it’s simple, easy and will only take a few minutes.

•  Can I use the mobile banking without using online banking?

A:   Your initial registration for County MoGO mobile banking must begin with registering for our Online Banking. Once you have registered with our Online Banking and downloaded County MoGO to your mobile device, you then utilize the same username and password for registration and utilization of the County MOGO Mobile Banking application. You do not need to be a regular user of Online Banking for the continued use of County MoGO.

•  Why do I need another PIN for my mobile app?

A:   If you get a new phone, clear the history on your current phone, or return your phone to factory settings you will require a new PIN to register your device with our service provider.  It will be sent to the e-mail address on file and is good for 48 hours from the time of issue. Step 3 in registering your device will be to enter the temporary verification PIN and this will allow you back into the mobile app. Once your device is registered initially you will no longer need to have the PIN.

•   When I set up my County MoGO on my phone the one-time PIN expired before I had a chance to finish the registration process; what do I do now?

A.  Give us a call at 1-877-318-3838 during regular business hours and we can delete the expired PIN so the system can issue a temporary new one-time PIN.

•  What happens to my County MoGO Mobile Banking if I get a new phone?

A.  Once you download the County MoGO app on the new device you will need to attempt to log in with your Username and Password.  This will prompt the system to send a verification PIN to the e-mail we have on file.  Go back to the app and enter the username, password and step 3 will be to enter the temporary verification PIN and this will allow you back into the mobile app.

•  I lost my debit card… how do I get a new one?

A:  STOP!!  Have you reported your card lost?  During normal business hours call 1-877-318-3838.  After normal business hours please call 1-800-472-3272. For a replacement, drop into one of our Instant Issue locations (Caribou, Presque Isle, and Houlton) with a valid picture ID and we can get you one on the spot.  We can also re-order one if you can’t drop by with a delivery time of 7-10 business days.

•  Are there daily limits on my Debit Cards and if so, what are they?

A:  Yes, for security reasons, there are daily limits on Debit Cards. For our Savings Accounts: Daily swipes are limited to $300.00 in a 24-hour period and the ATM has a $500.00 limit in a 24-hour period. For our Checking Accounts: Daily swipes are limited to $3000.00 in a 24-hour period and the ATM has a $500.00 limit in a 24-hour period. Tip: These limits are per card. So, if someone has more than one card on an account, each card has its own limit.

•  How can I change the PIN on my Debit Card?

A:  Yes, it is a simple process, Call 1-866-665-8721 anytime and just follow the prompts. You will be asked a series of security questions for verification.

•  I made a purchase with my debit card and the money came out of my account then it went back in… Why?

A:  Not all merchants process debit card purchases real-time.  When you swipe your card the funds go on a pre-authorized “hold” for 24 hours.  If the merchant doesn’t remove those funds within that time frame, the pre-authorization expires and the funds go back into your available balance. PLEASE NOTE: Those funds are earmarked for that purchase even though your balance shows otherwise and should be treated as you would an outstanding check or purchase.

Brochure explaining Debit Card Hold

Brochure explaining Debit Card Hold

•  Do you have a coin counting machine?

A:  Yes. We have CoinStream self-service coin counter machines in the Caribou, Presque Isle and Houlton locations. Members can use these machines free of charge. Non-members are charged a 4% service fee. Our CoinStream machine only accepts clean DRY American Pennies, Nickels, Dimes and Quarters. It will not accept coin dollars or fifty cent pieces.

•  What is this $2.95 BillPay fee on my account?

A:  When you sign up for BillPay and do not use it for 60 days, there is a $2.95 non-usage fee. When you resume using BillPay on a regular basis the BillPay service is free and you will not be charged a monthly fee.

•  What is this $1.00 transaction fee on my account at the end of the month?

A: When you use an Out-of-Network ATM, for a transaction or for an inquiry, there is a $1 fee. The County Federal Credit Union belongs to a network of Surcharge-Free ATMs in the state of Maine. Look for the SURF emblem. You can search the Credit Unions throughout the state for one here: Surf-ATM-Locator

•  Is there a shared branch near me? I no longer live in the area but want to keep my CFCU account active.

A:  You can search for a Shared Branch near you here at CO-OP Shared Branching at www.co-opsharedbranch.com.

•  When is the money in my Christmas Club transferred to my savings or checking account?

A: The money is transferred automatically on October 1st to the primary share savings account or checking account, whichever you chose when you set it up.

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