A Farewell to John Folsom

It is with deep sadness and a heavy heart that we say farewell to our friend and volunteer member of our Board of Directors, John Folsom. John passed away unexpectedly on March 20, 2024. Almost 24 years ago, John joined the Houlton Federal Credit Union Board of Directors. When The County Federal Credit Union merged […]

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The County Welcomes a New Chief Financial Officer

The County Federal Credit Union is excited to announce that Brad Wolverton has recently joined the credit union as the Chief Financial Officer. “We are happy to have such an experienced finance professional joining our team,” said Ryan Ellsworth, The County’s president and CEO. “Brad brings auditing and strategic fiscal planning skills to the team.” […]

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Car damaged by fallen tree

What is Gap Insurance?

If your vehicle were ever to be totaled or stolen, finding out you owe more to the vehicle than it’s worth would make an unfortunate situation even worse. If you have collision or comprehensive insurance, that can help pay for the loss due to damage or theft. However, it’s important for you to know that […]

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Risks of Participating in Social Media Quizzes or Games

If you’re active on social media, it’s likely that you’ve seen or even participated in some seemingly innocuous quizzes, games, or surveys that encourage people to share some fun information with others. While these seem like an innocent way to spark conversations with your friends and followers, they may be part of a social engineering […]

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Hands holding a piggy bank

Your Money is Safe at The County

To Our Valued Members, Lately, the news has shared stories about banks closing in the US. The two banks that have been in the news recently catered to customers that were involved in the latest technology and trends, industries that are highly volatile. Those banks closing is not so startling when you understand what a […]

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Scam Alert sign

Two Recent Scams in Maine

Scams are happening at an alarming rate and the creativity fraudsters are leveraging to trick people out of money shows no signs of diminishing. That’s why it is important for us to alert you about scams that are taking place locally. By raising awareness about the tactics criminals are using, we can help prevent you […]

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Tax forms and calculator

5 Reasons to File Early in 2023

If you tend to wait until the deadline to file your taxes every year, you aren’t alone. According to the Internal Revenue Service, about one-third of Americans wait until the last minute to file their federal taxes. Despite the tendency to file late, there are many reasons to file your taxes early. It’s time to […]

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Social Security Benefits Increase

Did you know that Social Security recipients will soon be receiving an increase to their monthly payments? In 2023, Social Security benefits will increase by nearly 9%. More than $140 per month on average Medicare Part B premiums decreasing Benefits could help offset high costs Largest increase in four decades Updates to your benefits will […]

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Computer image with binary code

Cybersecurity Awareness

There’s Still Time to See Yourself in Cyber | Financial Literacy October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month—a time to raise awareness about online threats and the steps people can take to better protect themselves when using the internet. This year’s theme is See Yourself in Cyber. While cybersecurity may seem like a complex subject, the theme […]

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State of Maine

New Property Tax Freeze for Maine Seniors

According to the United States Census Bureau, Maine is the oldest state in the nation. Maine’s median age had risen year-over-year for more than two decades, reaching the all-time high of 44.8 years of age in 2020. While the median age dropped to 44.7 in 2021, that number is still significantly higher than the national […]

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