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Lost or Stolen Card

To report a lost or stolen VISA© Debit Card

During normal business hours please contact The County Federal Credit Union at 1-877-318-3838.

After business hours please call 1-800-472-3272.


To report a lost or stolen VISA© Credit Card

Please contact the Card Service System at 1-800-543-5073.

In the event your VISA© Debit card has been lost or stolen, one of the quickest ways to make sure it cannot be used for unauthorized transactions is to utilize the County MoGO banking app and “Freeze” your card under the Card Controls feature. To do so, if you are an active County MoGO user, launch the County MoGO App on your mobile device, click on the menu and select ‘Card Controls’. A list of your cards will appear, select the card you would like to disable. On the ‘Card is Active’ line, click the switch to the off position. You may be asked to confirm, select ‘Confirm’.  Your VISA© Debit card is now ‘Frozen” and will remain so until you reverse the procedure just outlined.

For a replacement, drop into one of our Instant Issue locations (Bangor, Caribou, Houlton, Howland, Old Town, and Presque Isle) with a valid picture ID and we can get you one on the spot. Fort Fairfield members can typically pick up your card within one business day, if you are unable to stop by one of our instant issue locations. We can also re-order one if you can’t drop by with a delivery time of 7-10 business days.