Protecting Our Members’ Accounts

Protecting our members’ accounts against fraud is one of our credit union’s highest prioritiesAs part of our normal course of business, we take innumerable actions every day to keep our members’ information safe against security risks.

It has almost become a weekly norm that we see suspicious activity on some member accounts and our card security partners take proactive measures as a precaution. While this action may have temporarily impacted some of our members’ account usage, the robust security practices we have in place, help us prevent fraud on members’ debit cards and accounts. Please know there has been no security breach of any members’ account information.

We’ll continue to work hard to ensure your information remains secure, but it’s also important for members to remain vigilant and perform the following actions:

  • Change your credit union account passwords often. Keep in mind that secure passwords often contain letters, numbers, and special characters. Avoid using the same username and password on multiple sites and store your passwords in a location where others are unable to access them.
  • Do not share your account information or social security number. Never give out your social security number, account number, or personal credit information over the phone unless you initiate the call to a number that you know is legitimate.
  • Lastly, please contact us right away if you feel your information has been compromised!

Thank you for choosing The County Federal Credit Union. We value your continued trust in our credit union.

Visit our Security Center page for more information.