Customer paying for their order with a credit card in a cafe. Bartender holding a credit card reader machine and returning the debit card to female customer after payments.

Visa Debit Card Activation

To make your Visa Debit Card Activation easier and more convenient for you, we have changed the authentication process.

To Activate your new Debit Card/VISA™

Great News! You no longer have to drive to an ATM to activate your card. We have streamlined the process to make it easier and more convenient for you. Just call the toll-free phone number listed on the sticker and follow the prompts- 1-800-992-3808. The prompts will ask you to verify three pieces of information. If you fail to answer correctly or mistakenly press the wrong keys, you will be allowed a total of 5 attempts before the system will give you a fail message. You will need to wait one hour before you can try again.

Customizable PINs:

We’ve made changing your PIN easier and more convenient as well, you no longer need to drive to a branch.

  • Want to change your PIN to something easier and more convenient for you? Just call 1-800-992-3808 to follow the prompts and have your PIN changed instantly at no cost to you! It only takes a couple of minutes.