Penobscot County Members – New Number Format

After October 1st, Penobscot County members Account Numbers went to a nine-digit format. Your account number automatically changed by adding a one (1) and the quantity of zeros (0) needed to bring it to the new nine-digit format. For example, if your old account number was 123, your new account number is 100000123. As another example, if your account number was 12345, then your new account is 100012345.

Please use your updated account number format after October 1, 2021.

If your account number begins with 900 (nine zero zero), then your account number did not change.

If you are a Shared Branching or Online Banking user, please keep this new account number formatting in mind when you visit a branch or re-register for Online & Mobile Banking.

Where do I find my Account Number?

You will find your account number in the old format on your membership card at the time you opened an account with us, or you can find it in the top right-hand corner of your monthly statement. It is not the number at the bottom of your checks.


For Questions on your new account number please call our Member Service Center at 877-318-3838