NCUA Federally Insured

Your Credit Union is Safe, Secure, and Insured!

The County Federal Credit Union has proudly served its members and the communities we’re part of since we opened in 1956. We remain very well-capitalized. Our liquidity and earnings are also both considered to be among some of the best. Your money is safe with us, and you can count on The County to continue to serve you as it has for the last 67 years.

We are federally insured through the National Credit Union Administration’s (NCUA) National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund which insures each depositor (member) up to at least $250,000. This Fund also separately insures IRA accounts and other retirement funds.

Find more information on the types of accounts insured, how your accounts are insured, or the details relative to federal insurance here.

The safety and security of your money are our #1 priority!