Member Appreciation Days

Member Appreciation Days!

Every August, we like to honor our members by providing you with a token of our appreciation. This year, we are giving out $5 coupons to farmer’s markets and produce stands. Below you will find the day your branch is giving out coupons and the list of vendors who will accept the coupons.

Thank you for being a member!


Monday, August 8th – Mars Hill

Tuesday, August 9th – Fort Fairfield

Wednesday, August 10th – Caribou

Thursday, August 11th – Houlton

Friday, August 12th – Presque Isle

Monday, August 15th – Howland

Tuesday, August 16th – Old Town

Wednesday, August 17th – Bangor


Participating vendors:

Bangor Farmer’s Market

Howland Farmer’s Market

Houlton Community Market

Treystar Farm, Easton

Goughan’s Farm, Caribou

McElwain’s Strawberry Farm, Caribou