Photo of Ryan Ellsworth President and CEO of The County Federal Credit Union

A message from the President and CEO

2021 was an exciting, very eventful, and challenging year. We ended 2020 as Penobscot County Federal Credit Union and The County Federal Credit Union and, starting on January 1st of 2021, merged into one credit union family. From there, as you have probably noticed, it has never slowed down!

One of everyone’s most significant challenges has been dealing with the effects of the COVID pandemic this past year. We’ve seen our branch lobbies close and open multiple times at all of our locations throughout the year. Our staff has become much more efficient at having proper signage, sanitization, and lobby traffic control. And our membership has become more proficient at banking through our digital channels. We are all in great anticipation of getting back to some sort of normal again, and I am sure you will agree it cannot happen soon enough.

We all saw upgrades to our mobile banking app, our online banking platform and learned about new products. Many of our members in Penobscot saw those changes along with core banking changes, account number changes, and phone banking enhancements. With the migration of the core banking system came some challenges that we did anticipate and some that required us to create more complex solutions. Change can be difficult, but one thing remained constant through it all: your loyalty to your credit union and your extreme patience. We are humbled by your commitment and profoundly grateful for your patience.

Your credit union has seen remarkable growth over the past year and has a very optimistic future ahead. We cannot thank you enough for being a member. We hope that the hard work over the past year will return dividends and benefits to the membership for years to come.


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