The County Federal Credit Union was originally organized as Loring Federal Credit Union in 1956 to serve military and civilians that worked at Loring Air Force Base.

Joseph Bouchard Jr. was hired as the credit union's first full-time manager in 1958. In 1964, Loring Federal Credit Union reached 2 million in assets, making it the largest credit union in the state. Holy Rosary Credit Union merged with Loring Federal Credit Union in 1969, making the first Department of Defense credit union to expand into the local community. The following decade brought six other mergers with Loring Federal Credit Union: ACAP Federal Credit Union, Maine Sugar Industries Federal Credit Union, Limestone-Caswell Federal Credit Union, Presque Isle Federal Credit Union, Pamsong Federal Credit Union and MPG Federal Credit Union.

In 1975, The County Federal Credit Union was one of the first credit unions to go on-line with The Maine Credit Union League's data center. The County Federal Credit Union was also the first credit union to offer share draft accounts. The first share draft to clear the system was written by Patrick St.Peter.

A name change to The County Federal Credit Union would take place in 1983 to better represent the communities the credit union was serving. In 1988, Joseph Bouchard Jr. retired and was replaced by Patrick St.Peter. In 1990, it was announced that Loring Air Force Base would be closed in 1994. Shortly after the announcement the credit union moved its main office from Sawyer Road to Bennett Drive in Caribou. In 1993, a new branch office was opened in Fort Fairfield.  In 2001, after 37 years of service, Patrick St.Peter retired.  On October 1, 2010, The County Federal Credit Union completed its most recent merger by joining with Houlton Federal Credit Union.  This merger expanded the existing field of membership to include all communities in Aroostook County south of Presque Isle.  Our membership has increased to over 17,000 with assets totaling over $200,000,000 ranking us as the 10th largest credit union in Maine (as of September 2012).  A new building at 247 North Street for our Houlton office opened on January 22, 2013.

Past CEOs, May 2006

 Photo Left to Right:
Joseph Bouchard J., Patrick St. Peter, Jefferey Davenport, Kenneth Hensler