Operations Center


Given the remarkable growth over the past several years of The County Federal Credit Union, more space was needed to maintain the level of service for the growing membership. Under the direction of the Board of Directors, our President/CEO Ryan Ellsworth, moved forward with an assessment of our office space with an eye on how to best meet the needs of the membership and future growth.

In his statement Ryan Ellsworth said, “A new building has been in the works for several years. Once we evaluated our current needs, our needs for the future, we assessed the cost of new construction versus remodeling an existing building. The Credit Union decided to purchase the previous Maine Public Service building at 110 Carmichael Street in Presque Isle. The building has been renovated over the summer and fall and will serve as our Operations Center.” Ellsworth went on to say, “We will pull a lot of the back office functions that happen at our Caribou branch and move them to the new location. Initially 12 people will work in the new building, they include Accounting, Card Services, Collections, Information Technology, Administration and Marketing. The new Operations Center building is approximately 7500 square feet with 16 offices developed, a reception area, a boardroom, a kitchen and approximately 2000 square feet that will remain undeveloped until the need arises. This will open up more space at their Caribou branch for retail operations including more loan officers and member service representatives.”

With growth comes the need for additional staff. Earlier this year three new positions were added. An Assistant Vice President of Marketing and with additional loan volume has necessitated the hiring of a Loan Officer in Caribou and a loan officer in the Indirect Loan Department. Ellsworth stated, “We are very fortunate for our growth and opportunities in the County, and hope to continue to expand in the future.