New Custom EMV Debit Cards being shipped, replaces your VISA CU24 Check Card!

DebitEMV card only_1.png

The County Federal Credit Union is pleased to announce our new custom EMV ATM/Debit Card with a new modern look. As your current CU24 card expires, you will be sent the new Custom Debit Card along with instructions on how to validate your card with no interruption to service. In the event you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call The County Federal Credit Union branch nearest you. In the coming months The County Federal Credit Union will be rolling out Apple Pay. A simple easy way to pay with your iPhone, More later--Stay tuned!

If you haven’t received The County’s new Custom EMV Debit Card yet, don’t worry, your current card will continue to work just fine until its expiration date. You will receive your new custom look debit card 10 to 14 days prior to your  â€śGood Thru” date printed on the card.

Frequently asked questions about your new custom EMV Debit Card, click here for Special Bulletin.