Credit unions are not-for-profit-cooperatives that are owned by their members. Eligibilty to join a credit union is limited to those persons who fall within a credit union’s field of membership. Because there are no stockholders to satisfy, credit unions direct their income back to their members in the form of lower fees, higher rates of return and improved products and services.

Today’s credit unions offer a variety of products and services to their members. From savings to checking accounts to consumer loans and mortgages, credit unions have what it takes to meet their members’ financial needs.

The County Federal Credit Union’s field of membership is open to any person living or working in the following communities:

Amity Cary Dyer Brook
Limestone Mars Hill New Limerick Presque Isle Stockholm
Ashland Castle Hill Easton
Haynesville Linneus Masardis New Sweden Reed Plantation Washburn
Bancroft Caswell E Plantation
Hersey Littleton Merill Oakfield Sherman Westfield
Blaine Central Aroostook Unorganized Plantation Fort Fairfield
Hodgdon Ludlow Monticello Orient Sheridan Weston
Bridgewater Chapman Garfield
Houlton Macwahoc Plantation Moro Plantation Oxbow Smyrna Woodland
Caribou Crystal Glenwood Plantation
Island Falls
Mapleton Nashville Perham South Aroostook Unorganized Territory