Shared Branching

Shared Branching Benefits

Top Five Reasons to Use Shared Branching

Do you use Shared Branching? This nationwide community of credit unions with over 5,000 locations enables you to do your banking at any participating branch, while keeping your account at your home credit union. If you’re still wondering why you should use Shared Branching, here are five reasons to start:

1. It’s convenient. Whether you’re traveling out of town or moving away to college, you can keep your money right where it is.

2. It’s accommodating. When you visit a Shared Branching location, you can access your accounts, deposit checks, and make loan payments just like you can at your home credit union.

3. It’s supportive. Credit unions work together to provide members with the best services. When you use these services, you are supporting your credit union so it can continue to serve you.

4. It’s easy. If you download the Co-Op Shared Branch app or go to co‑, you can find the Shared Branch wherever you are.

5. It’s free. That’s right.  Shared Branching is all about giving you the best service at no cost to you.

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