December 2013

Talking Points To Our Members with regards to the Target Data Breach.  For additional assistance, please contact your local Member Service Representative or call us at (877) 318-3838.

·    Our Credit Union’s first priority is assisting and answering questions from our members.

·    This card compromise has impacted consumers with cards at a number of financial institutions and is not specific to credit unions.

·    Members have zero liability as all debit and credit card accounts are protected by zero liability fraud protection in the case of a compromise so no member will lose any money as a result of any fraud that has or may occur.  

·    According to Target, approximately 40 million cards could be affected.

·    Our Credit Union has a number of advanced fraud protection and fraud prevention systems in place that operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to identify and eliminate fraudulent card activity.

·    As a consumer, no card holder did anything wrong and the overwhelming number of merchants provide a high degree of safety and soundness for the use of credit and debit cards.

·    As we receive information with regards to specific card holders impacted by this data security breach, we will contact each member to discuss the options available, including monitoring of accounts, credit bureau monitoring, and card reissue.  Continue to review our website ( for updated information.

·    Our Credit Union is most concerned with the best interests of our members and minimizing the inconvenience of their use of cards.

·    As an impacted card holder, if you are offered free identity protection services after a breach, you should seriously consider the use of those services.  The services can help notify people of suspicious activity on a credit report, and offer assistance in resolving any fraud that occurs.    

·    There are many great resources on the Internet where you can receive education on scams and fraud. (The County Federal Credit Union does not imply any recommendation of any particular website, nor guarantee the availability of, nor provide any warranty of the content of any of the following websites):

    -  The Federal Trade Commission:

     -   The website:

    -  The Federal Bureau of Investigation:

    -  The website:

    - website:

    -  The VISA website: